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Overall September turned out to be a good month.  The extra money that came in allowed for paying off some items.  In the end, we still overspent.  😦  But only by $22.25.  Probably the smallest overspend we have ever had. I would say that we made a huge breakthrough in sticking to the budget.  But I covered a lot of overspending when the extra money came in.  But we are both determined to try to make it through October without any overspend.

So here are the numbers for the beginning of October:

BB Store Card: $0.00
SRSP Store Card: $0.00
SRS Store Card: $0.00
SC Store Card: ($163.01)
CO CC: ($2909.52)
AS CC: ($4134.13)
Motorcycle: ($6892.84)
Car: ($13,720.90)
First Mortgage: ($125,231.34)
Second Mortgage: ($22,327.85)
Mr. CR Student Loan: ($22,220.69)
My Student Loan: ($30,589.08)
TOTAL DEBT: ($228,189.36)