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I am only 4 months behind on keeping you guys up to date on my progress.  I won’t even bother with any excuses.

First I need to say that we had a major setback in the journey to being debt free.  We added a debt item and increased the amount of another one.  I will give a few excuses here.  Mr. CR decided he wanted to go back to school and get his Master’s degree.  This means his student loan debt amount will be growing as he tackles this endeavor.  But in addition to that – we needed to get him a Windows based computer for completion of this degree.  We are an Apple household.  Not having the savings funds built up where we should – we needed to put that computer on credit.

So – at the beginning of September our debt numbers looked like this:

BB Store Card: ($1477.67)
SRSP Store Card: ($388.10)
SRS Store Card: ($695.98)
SC Store Card: ($507.33)
CO CC: ($2833.14)
AS CC: ($4202.18)
Motorcycle: ($7417.77)
Car: ($13,720.90)
First Mortgage: ($125,443.59)
Second Mortgage: ($22,685.41)
Mr. CR Student Loan: ($22,040.03)
My Student Loan: ($30,732.01)
TOTAL DEBT: ($232,144.11)

And now for the good news …

We came into some extra money this month.  So I was able to pay off the first 3 accounts listed.  I rolled the normal payments for those first 3 accounts into the SC Store Card account.  One more payment to that account and it will be a zero balance.  And I put aside money to cover Christmas!   Stay tuned for the October Update to see new numbers!