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I don’t know what our problem is.  May was once again a horrible month.  In fact, if we hadn’t come in to a small windfall of money I am not sure how we would have made it through the month.

May is a big birthday month for us.  We have too many birthdays to celebrate and this year we went a little too far on the amount of money we spent for a couple of them.  Plus – we were finishing up helping clear out my grandmother’s house – which lead to some unexpected expenses. I know these sound like excuses …. okay, they are totally excuses; Albeit not very good ones.

In the end … we overspent in May by $1146.52.  TERRIBLE!

I starting tracking my debt a little differently.  The previous method proved to be too cumbersome to add into my bill pay routine.  Somehow – this change shows a loss in the amount of debt that I have paid off.  Not really sure how this happened as I haven’t added any charges to any of the cards.  Also – this new method doesn’t really give me an accurate picture of a Debt Free date.  So – I won’t be reporting that regularly anymore.

On the plus side – I was able to work it out so that, excluding our house, all debt items payments are being covered by just my paycheck.  Which means, when I get these items all paid off we will be living on only one paycheck.  I know we are a long way off from that making a difference anywhere – but it makes me happy none the less.

Original Debt Items: 12
Current Debt Items: 11
Difference: -1
Original Total Amount of Debt: $245,600.78
Current Total Amount of Debt: $236,526.68
Difference: $9074.10
Snowflake Payment Amounts: $0.00