Ok … so I know it has been forever since I posted.  And I have a million excuses as to why.  None of which are really all that interesting except for maybe this one … I was too embarrassed to post my Debt Reduction Numbers.  And you will notice that there is no March update.  Part of that is because the way I tally my numbers – I can’t backtrack to see where I was at the end of a particular month.  So, if I didn’t do the report then I don’t have all actual numbers to give you.

I can say this … we OVERSPENT in March by -$1027.90 Which means we pulled money from savings to be able to cover all the bills.

And now in April … we OVERSPENT by -$745.03. I was able to avoid pulling money from Savings, only because I realized I was a month ahead on a couple of bills and I didn’t make an April payment on those.

So final numbers for April are as follows:

Original Debt Items: 12
Current Debt Items: 11
Difference: -1
Original Total Amount of Debt: $245,600.78
Current Total Amount of Debt: $235,435.59
Difference: $10,165.19
Snowflake Payment Amounts: $0.00
Original Estimated Payoff date: November 2020
Current Estimated Payoff date: October 2020
Difference: -1 Month

Time to knuckle down and stop the insanity.  Wish me luck for May.