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So for those of you who follow me on twitter … you know that at the beginning of the month I joined a gym.  Whose crazy idea was that??  Oh right, mine.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  While I am not a big fan of working out … I can’t stand the “social” aspect of the gym.  The introvert in me hates being there.  I feel out-of-place, like I shouldn’t be there and everyone around me knows it.
I get physically nauseous at the thought of going.  Not sure why I thought I could make that work.

But – while I am sure everything I said above would have eventually led to me not attending … that wasn’t the catalyst that had me putting a cancellation notice in the mail this week.

So – week one I think we made it to the gym exactly once.  But it was a start right??  And the beginning of the next week was our complimentary meeting with a trainer.  So – we both were thinking that the trainer would give us pointers on where to focus our energies for what we wanted to accomplish.


The meeting with the trainer started off like they all do.  Fill out a questionnaire. Then he looked it over and started his spiel.  Some of it we expected.  As we were getting through the meat of it – we mentioned that Mr. CR has bad knees from his military days.  And in my case, I have sat at a desk for the last 15 year so I am really out of shape. (Something a trainer should know before he starts you on a program right?)

So – he is ready to get us started.  First 10 minutes of Cardio.  His plan for that … the elliptical machines.  NOT a good plan for someone with bad knees.  The treadmill would have been better.  But like good trainees with do as we are told.  Now – I am not sure how I made it through the full 10 minutes on the machine –  but finally it was over and with jelly legs I stepped off the machine.  Not sure how Mr. CR was walking at all at this point.

And the trainers next move … SQUATS!  I am not sure how long the second portion of his program was … I could barely breathe – paying attention to time was not an option.  But we moved through various squats and steps exercises.  The entire program was working out the legs.  Did he even listen when we said Mr. CR had bad knees.  Now I would love to say that I was doing fine with all of it.  But in the end – I was the one with the most problems.  We finished our exercises and went back to his office for him to try to sell us on paying for a trainer.  SO NOT HAPPENING!

As we left the gym and I stepped off the curb – I almost hit the ground.  If Mr. CR hadn’t been there for me to grab I am sure I would have.  This was a Monday night.  Tuesday I was miserable.  Wednesday and Thursday was worse.  I could barely move!  Sitting down was almost impossible.  I would literally fall the last bit of it.  I realize that you are supposed to push yourself … but not to the point that you can’t function!  It took an entire week before I wasn’t in constant pain when moving.  Another full week before I could squat down without pain and needing help to get up.

So – we are leaving the gym.

But – there is a positive note.  I found a new local Yoga Studio.  They offer memberships instead of just per class costs.  Still a bit more pricey than a traditional gym … but I think as soon as I know the other is canceled I am going to look into the Yoga.  It was more what I wanted to do anyway.  Only problem is Mr. CR is not convinced to take it with me.  I will keep you all updated as I figure all of that out.